What You Do

i am gladdened that the furious pace of REACTIONS to Seymour Hersh’s unsubstantiated, unverified audio recording (which was probably a criminal invasion of his privacy) has been moderated somewhat by the words Caitlin Johnstone published in medium.com.

my first reaction was shock that an internet publication (however they obtained this file) would willy nilly cast this specious file to the swines. what vetting did they do? who is the source? who’s agenda does it serve to publish its link? who’s YouTube channel is it anyway? does anyone care? do we buy anything the world wild web tells us?

as much as i’d hate for this foul-mouthed aggressive depiction of the revered Seymour Hersh to be real (his contributions to revealing our sorrowful human foibles are to be commended) i’m reserving my belief till he surfaces and does or does not validate its veracity.

until then, the anonymous YouTube originator of these files “DeBunking Rod Wheeler” has the world at his or her feet. should Cassandra Fairbanks from Big League Politics have any information outside of simply pointing to the files that existed on YouTube since 11Jul17 (her publication was 1Aug17, the same day Rod Wheeler’s lawsuit was filed) i wouldn’t be so sceptical as to who’s doing what to who.







Does It Matter?

Steeping myself in the soup of american politics seems not to profit my life in any significant way. As exiting as the imminent demise of all forms of life on the planet is, the current raft of intrique will, as inevitably as taking our next breath, lead to further human suffering. good, bad, or indifferent.

now, don’t let it be said that i’m against youthful struggles to comprehend our existence from a limited collegial perspective. i’m all for making strides in bonding communities with knowledge and discovery. it’s kinda what makes the world an interesting conceptual paradigm. i never said it wasn’t attractive.


were one given the medicinal benefit of a slow dronelike judicious dosage of experience through time (age people), you might come to the same conclusion i have.  how does any of this matter?

if you haven’t figured it out yet, let me tell you. it matters not a whit.

oh sure, it’s stimulating for the mind. God bless those whose thoughts create activities the poor and ignorant can involve themselves with. we all have to cooperate in improving our live’s endeavours. your hearts are in the right place. but, really. even if these present concerns lead to a second Watergate, how is any outcome going to change the world?

i don’t mean to reduce your passion and enthusiasm for what you believe should prove to be the best. i’m all for communicating and sharing and this blog may account for some different notions spurring your intense emotional needs in new directions. who knows. we all play a part, no?

hope springs eternal.

here’s a good read on where we are as a society by Eric Zuesse